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I was born in Santiago, Chile. I attended the Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencia y Educacion where I studied visual art. Later I pursued a degree in Industrial Design at the Universidad Tecnológica Metroplolitana where I worked on a wide range of projects related with social impact.  In 1999 I founded Fierro & Livingstone Design in Santiago, Chile, the studio developed several projects related with new media and design interaction and social contexts focused on linking people, communities, ideas, and institutions through design experiences.

Since in New York, US (2002-2010)  I have worked for a wide range of audiences in different types of projects including the design of science museums exhibitions, Ngo’s action centres and sustainable furniture, developing and applying a cross-pollinated knowledge in three-dimensional environments, industrial design, design of 3D communicational interfaces,  research and methodology. Throughout my academic and professional experience, I have been driven by a desire to connect with people through design and, in turn, for my design to be informed by human needs and societal demands.

As a Fulbright scholar in London I will research and design a Communication Toolkit/system that facilitates communication and bridges cultural barriers between doctors and patients in multicultural contexts.






I come from a Graphic Design Background in Brazil (UNESP University) and worked as an illustrator for a Publishing House of Magazines for 5 years.

My involvement within communities started when I was 13 years old and I engaged with the social works of Rotary club. Since then I have always been working on social community based projects and trying to apply art and design as a tool for social development.

In London I am a volunteer since February 2010 at the Southbank Mosaics, an organization that works with young offenders on probation and recovers dull areas of London by creating street galleries in mosaic.

My actual MA project is focused on social innovation; it is about helping keep people’s stories alive.



Based on Fashion Design education in Korea, University of Incheon, I have worked for fashion as a buying agent specialised in garment for 5 years. The profession between Liz Claiborne which its market is based on in the US and suppliers/vendors located in Korea, Vietnam, Saipan, Taiwan and Guatemala gave me two big gifts. One is full of knowledge in fashion production and sourcing on global fashion industry and the other is that full of awareness that how the unfair trade between a buyer and supplier/vendor can make our society become ill.

Since I have brought these gifts to this MA course, my interest has been moving to participatory design, community project work and social entrepreneurship from environment issue and fairtrade.



My background in creative processes spans photography, eco-product design and graphic design.  My professional roles within the private sector have included implementing recycling schemes, marketing green credentials and re-branding.  I am currently freelancing as a creative designer.  

In support of design activism, I took a Design Can Change pledge and joined the 21st Century Network.  I am currently exploring the different ways in which design can actively bring about positive environmental and social changes.

With a passion for environmental and social projects, I am an active community champion for non-profit organisations.  In 2006 I designed promotional material and was involved with organising workshops across East Manchester for EMERGE Recycling.  As part of Elmbridge Fairtrade Network I am deepening the awareness of Fairtrade within my borough through my roles in PR, designing promotional material and organising events.  You can read about our efforts on:

I have a BA (Hons.) in ‘English Literature’ and wrote for Manchester’s Student Direct newspaper in 2001I also have a BA (Hons.) in ‘Design Studies’ and was an entrant in the 2005 D&AD ‘New Blood Graduate Showcase’.



My education is in visual communication. I have worked as a graphic designer for the last two years. I feel lucky that my first job after graduating was in PCC, an Irish communication agency working exclusively for non-profit organisations. This encouraged me to question the social and environmental implications of being a graphic designer.

I now want to explore ways of working more effectively in support of ideals I believe in. My aim with this MA is to delve into various ways of linking sustainability, social innovation and design. For the moment, I seem to be focusing on community participation and active citizenship.

Also, probably as a result of growing up in the multicultural suburbs of Paris, and experiencing immigration, I have a strong interest in the blurry areas of cultural diversity and social cohesion. Facilitating intercultural dialogue, creating a context in which individual stories can be valued, enabling silent communities to build their own narratives and counter mainstream media views; these are all potential paths I would like to develop further.

Some of my work can be seen here. I also keep a personal journal on what I’m learning here,


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