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Is storytelling the future of design?

June 23, 2011


In March 2011, we all attended numerous talks at DOTT Cornwall.  One of the many topics discussed in the realm of design and sustainability was the link between design and storytelling.  Clive Grinyer (Cisco) stated that our concepts should be shared through storytelling whilst Richard (forpeople) felt that the journey of design should be crafted […]

Clay Shirky

June 22, 2011


“A revolution does not happen when society adopts new tools – it happens when society adopts new behaviour.”

Tasty values

March 23, 2011


In this Ted talk, Architect Carolyn Steel looks at how food shaped our cities, from being the core of our relationship with nature and of urban social life to being at the centre of a highly unsustainable system. Now, food is a subject I’m pretty obsessed about, not only because I’m a French hedonist, but […]