Do we need another chair?

Posted on June 22, 2011


In March 2011, a few of us attended a discussion group that included Emily Campbell (Royal Society of Arts) and Jonathan Chapman (Brighton University).  Jonathan Chapman argued that design is a ‘corrosive force’ and people will continue to make – so: do we embrace or deny this reality?  Emily Campbell argued that humans are makers and that designers become indistinguishable when they become creators and enablers of social good.  She argued that when products are designed they differentiate designers because of their knowledge about ergonomics, materials, properties, and so on.  Designers should not lose the sense of how things are made nor the understanding of the impact that their designs have.  For me two thoughts spring to mind: designers should simultaneously be creators and enablers of social good and, in turn, creators and enablers of social good can simultaneously be designers.

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