What we have been up to…

Posted on May 13, 2011


It’s been a good while since anyone has had a chance to post anything on the blog! We have all been very busy, writing essays on Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Cities, Environmental Management and Human Rights! And not only this list is non-exhaustive, but also, we are just about to bury ourselves in dark rooms again for a little while, as we are starting to write our final essays, on chosen topics at the intersection of Design and Sustainability.

But just before this happens, and because the course is not all thinking and writing (there is also some doing!), here is what we have been working on:

Visioning a Sustainable World:

Influenced by her own family experience, Paula was interested in highlighting the importance of collecting the memories of older people, and designed a prompt to assist inter-generational interviews. It involves tea, which can only be a good thing!

Jaidee looked at the unsustainability of the fashion industry, and after some very deep research into the consumer behaviours of young adults, she developed a way to address the issue of fast-fashion, based on collaborative consumption.

Melissa and Fan collaborated to find out a way for Age Concern Kingston to increase its fundraising and volunteers base, by connecting with Kingston University students. They designed a campaign based on the idea of reciprocity and inter-generational storytelling. A lot of their time was spent interviewing, brainstorming and baking cake.

And finally, Carlos has been on a very thorough fact-finding mission about immigrants and the NHS, for his ongoing project about improving communication and service delivery within the health system, in a way that is inclusive of non-UK nationals.