Bright Futures workshop! Jan 26-28, 2011 – by WestFocus

Posted on January 26, 2011


Jan 26, 2011.

Another great event from the WestFocus Entrepreneurship Centre started, Bright Futures 2011; a series of workshops on entrepreneurial skills for students from a great range of London Universities.

Today was the first day of workshop and it happened at Kingston University at the Penhryn road Campus.

Students from Bachelor’s and Master’s courses on Business, Economics, Sociology, Design between others were put together to learn and discuss about how to develop their our own ideas into a a successful enterprise.  We were challenged as well to work on groups on an activity about diagnosing problems and find solutions for different issues.

Each group came up with one bright idea for solving a problem. It was a very good exercise especially for we, Designers for Development students, that are now so used to discuss ideas between us and other designers. So we could see how other students from other fields see and try to solve a problem. The approach and the ideas are very diverse and very different, but then depending on the openness of the people discussing, a lot of innovative solutions can pop up from those discussions, creating a creative and productive dialogue between those singular minds.

The event finished with three lecturers entrepreneurs talking about their experiences.

Tomorrow there is more!!

*by Paula Ligo

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